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Dear members and friends of ISNA Snoezelen professional,

There has not been an update on our homepage for a few months now. I had hoped that circumstances might change, and we might be able to visit each other and run training courses at our facilities or organise a members’ meeting or even hold a small conference, but due to the ongoing situation with COVID-19, everything remains on hold. I have been in regular contact with colleagues in Germany and abroad, to find out what they are currently doing and what problems they might have experienced. To date Snoezelen cannot be practiced in Germany and that will not change in the foreseeable future. I am also in contact with the facility in Maria Bildhausen where we wanted to hold the next meeting. The manager of the facility informed us: “Luckily there have been no positive infections at any of the DRW facilities here in Lower Franconia”.

During these difficult times I have remained in touch with many of our members:
Sarah in New Zealand wrote about the strict hygiene guidelines and that only a small number of people have been affected by COVID-19. But it is a different story for Janir in Spain where the number of infections has started to rise again.

Here in Germany, even though Snoezelen cannot be offered at any of the facilities, I am receiving an increasing number of enquiries, especially regarding the layout/setup of Snoezelen rooms. I was surprised to receive an e-mail from a colleague in Puerto Rico. She would like to receive practical recommendations for patients with Alzheimer. And a colleague from China is hoping to offer a support program Snoezelen and would like to do that under the helm of our association. I am amazed about the interest and the number of enquiries! As well as that, many unauthorised copies of our programs and homepage articles are being listed.

It goes without saying that we will support our members and provide the required materials – often at no charge. But sadly, as of now, there are still members who have not paid their membership fees for 2020 (€ 50.00 annually) and even for 2019. The account number is:

HypoVereinsbank • IBAN: DE51 7932 0075 0012 8027 73 • BIC: HYVEDEMM451

I would like to wish you all well, and above all good health. I hope that soon we will be able to continue our work in the Snoezelen room – our clients are waiting.

Yours sincerely

unterschrift krista mertens

Prof. Dr. Krista Mertens


Photographs taken by Sarah at a Snoezelen practice in New Zealand. She has obtained her qualification with us in South Korea and is very resourceful at work in a children’s hospital and a facility for the elderly.

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